Shader Talk at Silicon Valley Code Camp

I’m going to be giving a talk on writing shaders at Silicon Valley Code Camp, hosted at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose, this Sunday, October 4th at 2:45. Here’s the link to my session if you’re interested: Session Info. I figured I would post my slides ahead of time for people to check them out! There are a bunch of interesting links… Read more →

GearVR Development Resources for Unity Devs

In the process of working on Rainbow Smasher, we ended up making use of a lot of different online resources. Here’s our list of helpful stuff! Getting Started Creating a GearVR app in Unity Free Debugging/Profiling Against a Running GearVR Application Wired Debugging Wireless Debugging (forum post) Wireless Debugging (Google) Rendering Performance Optimization Squeezing Performance out of your Unity Gear VR Game (excellent,… Read more →

Rainbow Smasher

We’ve released a game for the Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015! The name of the game is Rainbow Smasher. The concept is online, pure-PVP, cross-platform multiplayer. The main launch is targeted at the GearVR, a chassis for a Samsung Note 4 (or 6, now) that turns the phone into a neat little VR headset. We didn’t make it into the… Read more →

Unrealicorn Tournament 2k15

It’s an online unicorn arena FPS! There are no limits on how many instances of each power-up you can get, so go to town! Most of the core features are in, although the game could obviously use a lot of polish, in addition to graphics, animations, sounds, etc. Jump in, start a server, and get your friends to play! Then… Read more →

Spinny Maze

This is a pretty random game I wrote in Haxe – a meta-language that can compile down into a variety of other languages, for cross-platform support. This is a Flash build. You can hit E at the opening access map editor mode to make the map harder or easier, although making it harder would be seriously masochistic. You can also hit… Read more →

Ramen Master

This was a weekend project a friend and I did for Ludum Dare #29. Ludum Dare is a game dev competition where the goal is to either make a title on your own in 48 hours (the primary competition), or to complete a title with fewer source restrictions and a team in 72 hours (the jam). Banging out a title… Read more →