Shader Talk at Silicon Valley Code Camp

I’m going to be giving a talk on writing shaders at Silicon Valley Code Camp, hosted at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose, this Sunday, October 4th at 2:45. Here’s the link to my session if you’re interested: Session Info. I figured I would post my slides ahead of time for people to check them out! There are a bunch of interesting links in there for anybody that’s trying to learn shaders.

Here are the slides:


During the talk, I’ll also be going over two shaders – one is a very simple vertex/fragment shader, and the other is a surface shader that does rim lighting that pulsates. I’ve already created a Unity scene with a set of both shaders already completed and applied to hidden objects in the scene, as well as some stub shaders for filling out yourself. Feel free to grab those as a guide or to follow along.

Completed Shaders and Scene

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